Sisters Oregon EventsDo the sounds of pounding hooves and the buzz of an 8-second timer get your heart pumping? Get ready for “The Biggest Little Show in the World” at one of the most exciting Sisters Oregon events of the year at the Sisters Rodeo. Stay with us at Black Butte Ranch and experience this five-day event for an unforgettable getaway full of cowboys, cowgirls, and incredible animal athletes.

“The Biggest Little Show in the World”

Since 1940, the Sisters Rodeo has brought people from near and far for an exciting event that was knit together by the Sisters community. Though it has moved a few times over the years from one end of town to the other, the locals always worked together to create this Central Oregon gem. Mainly volunteer-based, the rodeos have historically brought in a good amount of profit that has been put back into the local community with the addition of a theater, student scholarships, local non-profits, and more. Though there have been numerous ups and downs, the Sisters Rodeo has always come back with the help of those passionate about rodeo and various associations helping along the way. The Sisters Rodeo Association now hosts the annual rodeo during the second week of June and draws in crowds from all over to experience living history.

Sisters Oregon EventsThe Experience

You can purchase tickets for each day that you wish to attend based on which events spark the most interest, or come back each day for a full week of rodeo. Experience bucking broncs, massive bulls, timed roping events, barrel racing, and more during the Sisters Rodeo. There are additional events like the rodeo parade, cowboy church, and breakfast hosted by the local Kiwanis. All of the rodeo performances will have you sitting at the edge of your seat as these athletes pair up with their animal competitors and teammates for fun and captivating Sisters Oregon events that you will not want to miss!

Sisters Oregon EventsQuilts, Local Horseback Riding, and More!

When you attend the Sisters Rodeo, you may be inspired to saddle up your own mount and go for a ride. When you stay with us at Black Butte Ranch, you can return to the ranch and indulge in local horseback riding at our stables. Take a relaxing trail ride through the countryside to experience the thrill of climbing into the saddle and wandering through the beautiful Oregon mountains.

If you are looking for another exciting event the weekend after the rodeo, check out the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! This non-profit event helps give back to the community by taking quilt-making to a whole new level and is known as the world’s largest outdoor quilt show with exhibitors and artists from across the globe. You can take Sisters Quilt Show classes, purchase incredible works of art, and enjoy the beautiful Central Oregon summer all in one place. This summer, experience these incredible Sisters Oregon events along with all of the exciting activities just steps from our accommodations at Black Butte Ranch for an unforgettable Central Oregon getaway!