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Lodge Restaurant and Aspen Lounge

The Lodge Restaurant and Aspen Lounge are closed for construction.  Please join us in our beautiful new facility in 2023.

Our new Lodge and Event Space is coming in 2023

The 50 year old Lodge is being replaced with a beautiful new building that will host the Lodge Restaurant, Aspen Lounge, expansive deck and indoor/outdoor event space.  Panoramic views will be featured and is designed to connect homeowners and guests to the surrounding high desert and mountain landscape.  The proposed 22,100-square-foot, two-story building includes a new restaurant and bar, second floor lounge, fireside room, private dining room, event space, meeting room, outdoor dining on both levels, and a state-of-the-art kitchen with a catering facility among other spaces. The exterior is designed to be clad in Shou Sugi Ban charred cedar with an interior clad in wood featuring refined, warm finishes and a structure of exposed glulams.

Most recently at the Ranch, Hacker designed the completed Lakeside, General Store and Bailey Residence projects.  Bargreen Ellingson has been retained to work alongside Hacker to design and supply our commercial kitchen and back-of-house service areas. Bargreen Ellingson worked with Hacker to design-build the Lakeside Bistro, and our new General Store.

Enjoy a Walkthrough the new Lodge

Please note:  the furnishings are placeholders and are included to give an idea of what the new space will look like.

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