Client Center 

Property: Black Butte Ranch

To edit, update, or see live statistics for your listing(s), please visit our Client Center with the information below:

Password: amyzehy6  Marketing#1

What’s in the Client Center?

Log in to your Client Center daily to see how many consumers are connecting and booking vacations with your property.

To view your statistics, log in using your username and password, roll over “Manage Products” and select a specific ad, then click the statistics link on the left.

Statistics shown in the Client Center:

  • Landing Page Clicks: # of customers who visited your property profile page.
  • Web Site Clicks: # of customers who have gone from your listing to your website.
  • Inquiries: # of customers who have filled out and sent a vacation inquiry.
  • Phone Calls: # of customers who called your property using our toll free tracking number.

Listing Guidelines:

When editing your listing please make sure:

  • Headlines must be specific about your company
  • You do not use long lists of amenities or activities
  • Content is not written in the first person (No “Our resort… or We offer…”)
  • You do not use all caps in the headline or the listing
  • Your company name is the official name of your company, as seen on your website
  • No telephone numbers or website addresses are in the listing content

Note: Each time you edit your listing, the changes and updates are submitted to our Content Management Team for approval. Please allow up to 3 business days for changes to be published live to our site.

Please retain this information for your records. If you forget your password, please click on the Forgot Password link in the Client Center, and a new password will be generated and emailed to the address on record.



Hi Kim and Kate,

Thanks again for the time today!

You can access your client center by going to

Here is a recap of how to upload, edit, and adjust photos in your client center.

Uploading photos

  • Log into your client center and click the business listing tab
  • Click on “Photo Library”
  • Top right – click on Upload Media

Editing Photos

  • After you’ve uploaded all photos in your library, you will hover your mouse over the photo and click “edit”
  • This will allow you to choose your featured tag. The featured tag will allow this photo to show up as the first photo among the different themes on your listing.

Click on the above photo to view the different property themes that your company is listed under.

  • Now that you’ve selected your featured tags on all your themes, you can also add other tags to photos so that they will show up under different themes once travelers are looking through the photos on the carousel.

Adding Photos To Your Listing

  • Once you’ve uploaded and edited your photos into your library, remember that travelers can’t see them yet.
  • The second step will be to click on the “Business Listing Content” tab that is located under the photo library tab.
  • Click “Update” under the action item
  • Scroll down to the photos and click “Add Media” You will now be able to pull those photos onto your listing and always remember to select SAVE CHANGES when working in the “business listing content” section.
  • The Last step is to drag and drop. This allows you to paint the picture for the traveler that is checking out your listing.
  • Don’t forget to save changes.

Here is a link to your listing

You can submit content changes and request specials and packages to be added to your listing to

Please call me at 651-424-0648 if you have any questions.

Jonathan Vlasak

Customer Success Manager

Phone: 651-424-0648 | Fax: 866-639-3202