Men’s Club

The Black Butte Ranch Men’s Club is an ideal outlet for golfers seeking competition and camaraderie with others of similar ability. The Club provides multiple formats and playing opportunities, with standing tee times on Wednesday mornings.

2020 Scheduled Events 
Resort Cup | July 6 at Black Butte Ranch Glaze Meadow Golf Course
Fall Classic | September. 16th-17th & 18th 2020

Men’s Club President, Todd Biddle | 503-729-8153 |
For more information contact Brian Sharron at 541.595.1545 or

Black Butte Ranch Men’s Club Takes Home 2017 Resort Cup 
The Men’s Club of Black Butte Ranch has won the 2017 Resort Cup — an annual competition between the Men’s clubs from Black Butte Ranch, Redmond’s Eagle Crest Resort, Sunriver Resort, Bend’s Widgi Creek Golf Club and one professional from each club. Held over four individual events in June, July, August, and Sept. at each of the participating clubs, the clincher came last week at Sunriver’s Woodlands Course.Black Butte Ranch’s team was led by Men’s Club President Todd Biddle, who was the second-leading money over the summer’s four rounds. Biddle’s consistency, scoring three birdies, 31 pars, 31 bogeys and just seven “others” over the season, was his prime weapon. Reed Sloss, Bob Hausman, Tom Fish, Tim Shuler, Wes Lawrence, Mike Gemmet, Mel Jolly, Keith Kaneko, Edward Seabloom, Ross Kennedy, Warren Sisson, Larry Dawson, Bob Gulick, Cal Allen, John Keenan, Dean Quick, Marvin Hoff, Gary Parr and Black Butte Ranch pros Tom Baker, Casey King, Dan McCleery also chipped in to bring the Cup home.Pictured:  Mel Jolly receiving the 2017 Resort Cup Trophy.

To play in the following tournaments you must be a member of the BBR Men’s Golf Club. You are a member of the BBR Men’s Golf Club when you establish your official golf handicap through the BBR Golf Club. Golf Tournament committee consists of chairman and Board of Directors.

June Mulligan Chair:
John Keenan (541) 408-1658
July 2-Ball Chair:
Curtiss Abbott (541)-595-1104
Club Championship Chair:
Bob Gulick (503)-281-6020
Fall Classic Chair:
Todd Biddle (503)-729-8153


2019 June Mulligan Results
2019 July 2 Ball Final Results


Current & Past Champions


Todd Biddle 503-729-8153
John Keenan 541-408-1658
Bob Gulick 503-281-6020
Bob Collins 541-549-8374


Todd Biddle 503-729-8153
Vice President:
John Keenan 541-408-1658
Bob Gulick 503-281-6020


Handicap Committee Co-Chair:
Bill Benson (541) 639-6910
Handicap Committee Co-Chair:
Bob Hausman (541) 595-2195
Handicap Committee Member
Don Bowler (541) 595-5211
Resort Cup Chair
Mel Jolly (541) 549-8606
OGA Director
Owen Osborne (541) 595-6580
Men’s Tournament Champion History
Board Meeting Minutes | Annual Meeting Minutes
Men’s Club Constitution and Bylaws

2017 Men’s Club Annual Meeting Minutes