Tennis & Pickleball

Black Butte Ranch will inspire you to take your game to new heights.

Tennis enthusiasts may utilize 14 outdoor tennis courts throughout the Ranch, including three lighted courts. Pickleball enthusiasts may utilize 12 beautiful regulation outdoor pickleball courts.   Our Black Butte Ranch on-site Director of Tennis and Pickleball Evan Sims offers private and group lessons beginning mid-June.

Meet others in tennis and pickleball skill levels in our stunning natural environment.

Court reservations are required on most courts from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Call 541-595-1285 or stop by the GMRC Rec Counter to reserve your court, rent a racket or schedule a lesson.

Pickleball Courts


Court reservations are on the hour. Reservations may be made only one day in advance -contact GMRC at 541-595-1285. Limit of two hours of play/household/day.

Glaze Meadow Family Rec Area Pickleball Courts #1-4 GMRC Pickleball Courts #5-12


UGM Courts #12-13 (located on Triflorium); striped for pickleball & tennis use.  Please limit play to 1 hour if others are waiting.

Watch the progress as these courts were built in 2021 (Photo credits: BBR Homeowner Dr. William Benson)

Pickleball Club & Drop-in Play

GMRC Courts # 5-12

BBR Pickleball Club | Tues/Thurs/Sat | 9am-11am

Drop in Play  | Mon/Wed/Fri | 8am-10am

Club Play         Tu, Th, Sat   |   10am-12pm

Drop-In Play (No Host)   Mon, Wed, Fri  | 10am-12pm

This year the Central Oregon Pickleball Summer League begins and Black Butte Ranch has been invited to join the league. The league is made up of advanced women players at 4.0  level.

Central Oregon League Participants

  • BBR
  • Eagle Crest
  • Widgi Creek
  • La Pine
  • Bend Pickleball Club
  • Broken Top

Black Butte Ranch Aspen Aces

Our Black Butte Ranch homeowner team is called the ‘Aspen Aces’, members from the Ranch are:

Black Butte Ranch – League Captain:               Louise Muscato GM63  541-760-1933

Black Butte Ranch League Co-Captain:            Beth Erickson EM41

Black Butte Ranch League Member:                 Nancy Hennin SH36

Home Matches

All home matches will be at the new Glaze Meadow Pickleball Courts #5-12.  Stop on by and root our Black Butte players on.

June 1 | 1-3pm | BBR vs. LaPine (Home)

June 15 | 1-3pm | BBR vs. Widgi Creek (Home)

June 29  | 1-3pm | BBR vs. Eagle Crest (Home)

July 13 | 1-3pm | BBR vs. Broken Top (Home)

August 10  | 1-3pm | BBR vs. Bend Pickleball Club (Home)

Pickleball Rentals

$8 for a one-hour rental from the GMRC Recreation Desk. Includes one racket and a few balls.

BB Pickleball FAQs

Call the Tennis & Pickleball line at 541-595-1285 for additional information.

How many pickleball courts are on Black Butte Ranch (BBR) and where are the courts located?

  • Courts 1-4 are located at the Glaze Meadow Family Recreation Area
  • Courts 5-12 are located at the Glaze Meadow Recreation Center (GMRC)
  • Upper Glaze Meadow pool area has 2 tennis courts with pickleball lines; tennis nets are used; these courts are non-reservation

How do I reserve a pickleball court for play?

  • Walk-in and reserve at GMRC Desk or call (541) 595-1285

Is there equipment I can rent to play pickleball?

  • Paddles and balls are available to rent at the GMRC, (541) 595-1285. Pickleball clothing and equipment are for sale in the GMRC Sports Shop.

What is Drop-In Play?

  • Drop-In Play is a set time for homeowners, family members, and guests to meet others to form teams or matches with other players. It is a great way to meet other players and enjoy a fun or challenging match.  Contact GMRC 541-595-1285 for times for drop-in play

After I show up for Drop-In Play, how will I know what to do?

  • At each session of Drop-In Play a host will help players get organized and get play started. Balls will be provided.  Players must provide their own paddles or rent paddles from the GMRC.

What is the Black Butte Ranch Pickleball Club?

  • The purpose of the Club is to grow the game of Pickleball for all ages, levels, and The Club creates an environment that promotes health, social interaction, good sportsmanship, and fun.  Skill and mentoring programs are continually offered to enhance organized recreational, and competitive play. The Club consists of many passionate pickleball homeowners, (full time and part-time) and their family members.  The current 100 Club members range in skill level from beginners to advanced players.
  • Any homeowner or homeowner family member is eligible to join the Club by simply emailing their contact information: first and last name, email address, phone number and lot number to

Is there someone available who can help me improve my skills?

  • The Black Butte Ranch Tennis and Pickleball Instructor is Evan Sims and Pickleball Instructor Dayton Mason. To schedule a pickleball lesson or sign up for his special events, call GMRC (541) 595-1285, or stop by the desk and speak to the assistant.

I’ve seen a pickleball practice machine on the court, how can I have access to it.

  • A pickleball practice machine has been purchased by the Pickleball Club through donations and is available to only Club Members, for use during Club playing times and by reservation.
Pickleball Courts 1-4 at the
Glaze Meadow Family Rec  Area
Pickleball Courts 5-12 at the
Glaze Meadow Recreation Center (GMRC)




Court Reservations | 541-595-1285

Reservations are available the day prior to play. Court reservations are limited to two hours of play/day/household, except in the case of the lighted courts which will be limited to one  hour of play during the evening after 7pm. Reservation courts that are not in use 10 minutes after the hour become available for drop-in play until the next reservation.


Big Meadow #1-2
South Meadow #3-4
Glaze Meadow #5-9
Limit of 2 hours of play/household/day
(Lit until 11pm)
Glaze Meadow #7-9
Limit 1 hour of play/household/day
Glaze Meadow #10-11
Paulina #14
Upper Glaze Meadow #12-13
(dual striped)

Non-reservation Courts

Upper Glaze Meadow #12-13 (tennis & pickleball lines on court)

Paulina Court #14 (no parking available: bike or walk)

Lighted Reservation Courts

Glaze Meadow Courts #7-9

Limit of one hour of play/household/day

Courts are lit until 11pm

Tennis Players List

The Glaze Meadow Tennis office keeps a list of people interested in playing tennis. Call (541) 595-1285 and leave your name, ability level and phone number. Or come in any time to talk with our tennis and front desk staff.

Racquet Stringing Service

Stringing Service is available through our Tennis Director Evan Sims, USPTA, at the tennis office at the GMRC. Price dependent on string choice.

Online Court Reservations