Milne Family Memories

My Black Butte story started 44 years ago in 1976 when I visited the ranch for the first time. I was only ten years old, but I knew it was special. My family started our annual summer vacation in 1979 and spent the next few decades visiting every August. We loaded the big green station wagon (see photo) with bikes, clubs, coolers, and the dog for week of recreation and relaxation in the sun.

My folks were part of the original target group in Portland to receive the marketing postcards stating ‘There is a place’. Although my dad fell in love with the ranch, it seemed expensive to buy a lot at the time (we laugh about that now). In 2016 my wife, Mary, and I finally became homeowners during my 40th year visiting the ranch. It’s very satisfying to see our teenage kids enjoying all the things I love about this place and it takes me back to my youth.

I have an explosion of memories when I drive into the ranch from those pine scent summers so long ago. I still have a few of the brass tokens (see photo) that allowed the station wagon through the gates on Hawksbeard. My dad insisted that we get a few tokens every day at the lodge to ensure we did not get ‘stuck at the darn gate’.

I remember spending almost as much time at the Rec Barn as I did on the golf course. Playing pool for a dollar while they blasted 70’s rock from the old stereo in the corner. Playing basketball, ping pong, video games, and eating a lot of bad pizza. We would end up back at the lodge pool for a few more flips off the diving board or a swim across the lake. We always signed into the pools as a golf pro (I was Fuzzy Zoeller).

One of my favorite memories was ice blocking at night on the 14th tee on Big Meadow. We purchased the ice blocks in Sisters and would place a golf towel on top of each block (for comfort of course). We would wait until dark and then slide down the steep tee boxes into the fairway. When the sprinklers came on, we would sneak into Paulina Pool for a quick night swim. Those were good times!

I enjoy the ranch as much as I did when I was a kid. It still looks and feels like it did decades ago. It’s more than the scenic beauty and recreation….it’s heaven on earth. We are so thankful to be a part of it and look forward to living at the ranch full time.

Jim Milne


Allen Family Memories

Owners Of EM 23 Mike Allen, Sr. with daughter Melinda, 3 years and son, Michael Jr.

1 1/2 years at the Stables at BBR. Melinda, the daughter, went on to win the World Appaloosa Championship and son is teaching his 11 year old daughter to ride. And it all started at the Ranch.

Judy Allen, EM 23

Doenka Family Memories

This photo is of my extended family at our Glaze Meadow house construction site in summer 1990, in what would become the great room. I and my wife and my four sisters and their husbands pooled our resources, bought a golf course lot with Dick Howell’s help, and built a wonderful lodge that could and still does accommodate us all.

The ranch was 20 years young then.

Our family of five couples and 10 children, all adults now, have for thirty years shared this house equally and time together at the wonderful place called Black Butte Ranch. The stories of the fun we have all had are endless.

The champagne toast in the photo was just the beginning….. Cheers to another thirty years at Black Butte Ranch!

Gene Doeneka

Robertson Family Memories

Nick and I have been home owners for 40 years!  We love coming to BBR and enjoying everything it has to offer!

Here is a “poem” I wrote followed by a few photos over the years!

Wow! The Ranch is turning 50 it seems….there will be many stories from friends!


We Robertsons began coming to the land of the gods in 1980 how could that be?

We came with friends and family to share in the glee…

We bought a home on the 17th Big Meadow Green ….40 years ago and it has been our Happy Place and more than a dream!

We have watched the the deer and played golf with the best, we have dined in the restaurants and have had numerous family and guests!

For 40 years now we have shared in the memories…. kids, grandkids:  hiking, biking, tennis, golf and slippy sliding!

What a marvelous place to bring people to play, rest or say “hey”!

Hats off to Black Butte….may it keep going strong…the Nick Robertson Family salute you …. we hear voices in song!

Katy Robertson

(152 Meadow Grass circle)