Ranch Attractions

There is a place where you turn off the highway and enter a different pace of life. Seven Cascade peaks rise up to greet you. Crisp, clean air and blue skies surround you. And tall groves of Aspens flank golden meadows and emerald fairways. From boundless outdoor activities to two championship golf courses and over 120 vacation homes, at the ranch, you’ and your closest friends and family will make memories for a lifetime.

Top 10 Places off the Beaten Path at Black Butte Ranch

Throughout our 1,800 acres are a wealth of activities to enjoy, but add some of these “off the beaten path” places to your adventure list to enhance your Black Butte Ranch experience.  Click here to see the map.

Aspen Lake
A quiet lake accessible by the bike path that winds through the Ridge Cabin, Aspen Home and Black Butte sections.

Paulina Springs
Paulina Springs bubbles out of the ground in a tranquil, wooded area.  Accessing it from the boardwalk is a treat.

Nature Trail
Walk along Phalarope Lake from the Lodge to Big Meadow.  You may catch a glimpse of a Rainbow trout, an osprey or bald eagle flying overhead, or even an otter playing in the quiet waters.

Homestead Lake
The Homestead Lake wildflower and lupine bloom is a spectacular sight to see.

Big Meadow Bench
Off the nature trail, there’s a plank bench that is a great place to sit and soak in the views, day or night.

Stroll Through the Aspen Grove
The Aspen grove near the entrance to the Ranch provides a gentle sound of the leaves rustling that is instantly calming.  You may even catch a view of the horses galloping in the meadow.

Walk or Ride Through the Meadow
Access the bike path from Bishops Cap and make your way across the Meadow.  Horses are grazing, ducks are fluttering, and the mountain views are spectacular.

Mountain Compass
The mountain locator by the Lodge firepit is a compass style monument that provides you with a visual navigation of each mountain peak’s names and elevation.

Aspen Lounge Deck
Perched atop the Lodge is the Aspen Lounge– a great place to capture the sun setting over the Cascade mountains.

Secret Water Trail
Paddle across the east side of Phalarope Lake and you’ll hit a narrow channel.  Here, you’re likely to see baby goslings, ducks and red-winged blackbirds.