The security and peace of mind we enjoy here are assured by our police knowing that those on the Ranch belong here. Failure to display your registration tag on your windshield, or letting others use your gate card is against BBR rules and may result in a fine or revocation of access to the Ranch.

The Ranch will be safer, quieter and more relaxed if we all slow down—the speed limit is 25mph or less.

Leave the roads for the vehicles and we’ll all be safer. Because of the lush forests on the Ranch, drivers can’t always see pedestrians, so STOP at all road crossings. Helmets are required for anyone under 16 for in–line skaters, scooters and bike riders or anyone being towed from a bike. WALK around Ranch buildings. Skateboards and long boards are prohibited.

Parking is allowed on areas marked as “parking” or on private property. Do not park along roadways, common areas, culs–de–sac or any area that is not private property. Temporary parking is available at the Administration parking lot, east of the Welcome Center. Most homes have room for two cars to park—others need to shuttle.

Boating, flotation devices and ice skating are prohibited on all lakes and streams, with the exception of Phalarope Lake, on which boating is allowed. Swimming/wading is prohibited in any lake or stream.

Phalarope Lake (by the Lakeside Area) is the only lake at the Ranch open to catch and release fly fishing for owners and registered guests. Lakeside Activity Center rents equipment and sells flies and licenses during the summer.

Operation of motorcycles, snowmobiles, mopeds or ATVs is prohibited. Such vehicles must be pushed/trailered from the gates to their lot at the Ranch. RVs, motor homes, trailers, campers and boats may be temporarily stored in authorized areas, based on availability. Check at the Maintenance Office on McAllister Road for details or call 541-595-1527.

The Ranch encourages sustainability and recycling, and provides a Recycle Center for owners and registered guests on McAllister Road. Be fire safe and deposit ashes only in the ash bin and add water.

Because we live in the forest, fire danger is always a concern. Fireworks, including sparklers, are prohibited. Extinguish cigarettes properly, and deposit only in ashtrays. Propane BBQs are permitted year round; briquette BBQs are not allowed during fire season (or at the Ranch rental units at any time). Open burning is prohibited.

The use or discharge of firearms is strictly prohibited, including guns, bow and arrows.

The Lost & Found is located at the Welcome Center. Items from other Ranch areas may be transferred to that location for convenience. Call 541-595-1252.

When you arrive at the Ranch, develop a meeting place for your family (such as your home or condo) to use in the event of an emergency. Should an evacuation be necessary, all facilities will be closed, and people will be asked to return to their residences to prepare to leave.

During emergencies, recorded messages are available at 541-595-1502. The Black Butte Ranch website provides information about Ranch activities, and during emergencies is an official information source.

The Police Department enforces all Oregon laws, including the Oregon Vehicle Code, as well as BBR Rules. They are located at 13885 Bishop’s Cap next to the Community Center near the entrance of the Ranch. If you have an emergency, call 911. To contact the BBR police for non–emergency police help, call 541-693-6911 .

The BBR Fire Department is staffed with Paramedics 24/7. They have a fully–equipped first aid room and Air Life can transport to the hospital in Bend from the Ranch. The Fire Department non–emergency number is 541-693-6911. They are located at 13511 Hawks Beard, near the southern intersection of Bishop’s Cap and Hawks Beard.