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Kids Programs at the Lakeside Activity Center

Spring Break Activities

at the Lakeside Activity Center

Camps & Crafts

At Black Butte Ranch, we take the fun of junior guests seriously, so young ones can play, dream and experience a memorable and fun vacation. We offer a wonderful selection of kids classes, programs and camps with arts and crafts, sports, and games as well as a playground. Try your skill at our 25 foot climbing wall during the summer, or enjoy slack-lining, archery, letterboxing and more!  

Many activities will take place at the new Lakeside Family Activity Center, located just west of the Lodge. ( The project recently won three awards for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.) Sports equipment (soccer balls, Frisbees, volleyballs, basketballs, footballs, softball & croquet equipment), games and other activities are available here, including GPS units to help guide you through a high-tech treasure hunt on the Ranch’s private geo-caching course, along with Wheel Fun bikes; Fly Fishing equipment; Kayaks, Canoes and Standup Paddle Boards are all available to rent during the summer at the Lakeside Family Activity Center.  

Programs are offered for kids three years of age and older, teens, adults and families. Come and join the fun! Check the What's Happening Guide for the current schedule. 

Summer Programs

Day Camp

Day camp is offered Monday through Saturday during the summer with themed activities including crafts, games, and time at the pool!  Day Camp prices are: half day $30, lunch $10, full day $60 (includes lunch).  Children need to bring a bathing suit and towel and be able to change on their own. Must be able to put on their own sunscreen or come with it pre-applied. Pre-registration recommended. Ages 4-12, waiver required. 

Parent’s Night Out

Parent’s Night Out (PNO) is our evening camp option offered during the summer. Includes games, a movie, and an ice cream sundae, plus a dinner option. $20 w/o dinner; $25 with dinner (Pizza from the Lakeside Bistro). Ages 4-10, pre-registration recommended. PNO may be cancelled the day of by 4pm if there has not been sufficient enrollment. Call 855-254-8043 for more information. 

Extra Sessions & Extended Times

Planning a Monday night movie without the kids? Hoping for an afternoon of golf on a Saturday? Contact the staff at the Lakeside Activity Center! We will gladly schedule extra day—camp and PNO sessions, or extend the time offered on an existing program to suit your needs! Arrangements must be made at least one day in advance, and are staff dependent. Minimum number of participants required.

Game Room, Crafts & Activities at the Lakeside Family Activity Center

Sports Equipment

The Lakeside Family Activity Center* has a variety of sports equipment that can be checked out for free, as well as fly rods and GPS units that can be rented hourly or daily.


Stand-Up Paddle Board, Kids Kayak and Canoe, Outdoor Skills Workshops, Letterboxing, Slacklining, etc. are all offered at varied times throughout the week. Prices vary and run 45 min-1 hour.  Please respect the listed age requirements for each class and check with the instructor before signing up someone younger than is recommended. These classes all are limited to a specific number of participants, and often fill up fast, so preregistration is strongly recommended. Call 541-595-1282 for more information and to sign up.

NOTE:   Day Camp and Parent’s Night Out are the only activities where children under 10 can be dropped off and left without an adult supervisor. Please pre-register at 541-595-1282. Check with the instructor for finish time for activities that last an hour (i.e., pottery, archery, culinary kids, boating classes, etc.) Once the class is over, participants are free to leave.

For current activity details, check the Activity Center at the right, or call 855-254-8043.

2017 Recreation Program Descriptions*

Arts and Crafts: ages 4+;  $3-5; lasts about 30 minutes; simple crafts like pine cone owls, pine cone roses, watercolor painting.

Craft Workshop: ages 6+; $5; lasts about 60 minutes; more involved crafts like felt woodland animals, star weaving, colorful coasters, luminaries.

Day Camp: ages 4-10; morning, afternoon, and all day sessions; offered Monday through Friday; $35-60. Various themes: Wild West, Treasure Hunters, Sports Spectacular, MACH-1 (multi-adventure challenges), All Ball and more.

Parent’s Night Out: ages 4-10; various evenings; offered with and without dinner; $20-$25

Stand Up Paddling: ages 10 and older; basic instruction class about 45 minutes; $15

Kids Kayak: ages 10 and older; basic instruction class about 45 minutes; $15

Archery: ages 10+; basic instruction class about 60 minutes; $15

Slacklining: ages 7 and older; class about 60 minutes; $5

Climbing Wall: ages 4 and older; $7. Scale our 24 foot portable climbing wall.

Letter Boxing: ages 4 and older with adult help; purchase Passport for $5 – solve Ranch riddles and return completed sheet for a prize.

Scavenger Hunt: all ages with parent help; list provided; free.

Ceramics: ages 4 and older; class is 1-4 hours depending on project; prices vary $8-$18.

Wacky Science: fun science experiments like giant bubbles, rainbow slime, erupting play dough; ages 7 and older; $5

Tie Dye T-Shirts: ages 4 and older with parent help; $5-$10

Lawn Games: ages 7 and older; free; play various lawn games like bocce ball, croquet

Cooking Classes: ages 6+; $5; Culinary techniques will be explored through baking various desserts, snacks and hors d'oeuvres.


Equipment and Yoga Room Rental

Yoga Room: available during non-class times which are generally 8:30am-9:30am daily in the summer and 9:00-10:00am on Saturdays the rest of the year; $75 per hour if group provides their own instructor, otherwise classes are $12 per person.

Wheel Fun Bikes:  Regular rates apply – no discounts as bikes are owned by contractor; generally no reservations allowed.

Paddle Boards, Kayaks, and Canoes: SUP $12 per half hour, Kayaks $12 per half hour, Canoes $7 per half hour. Group events with reservations are only available at 9:00am (i.e., no group events in the middle of the day when all the equipment is already in use.)

Fly Rods: $10 per hour, $20 per half-day (three hours), $40 per full-day (6 hours). Free fly fishing clinics are offered on Tuesday evenings from mid-June until Labor Day.

Basic sports equipment (balls, croquet sets, etc.) is available for free check-out; disc golf sets are $5.

Pickle ball and bocce ball sets are available for rent from GMRC for $5 per set; tennis rackets are available to rent from the GMRC rental shop for $2 per hour.

*Activities and prices are subject to change.  Please call to confirm.