Picture of people working remotely in Central Oregon.Treat your family to an extended getaway at Black Butte Ranch. With the uptick in working remotely and distanced learning, our tranquil, Central Oregon lodging is the perfect place to enjoy a socially-distant, rejuvenating retreat this winter. Each of our cabin rentals in Oregon comes equipped with high-speed internet and plenty of privacy to get your work done. Once school work and tasks have been completed for the day, spend cherished family time together enjoying the snow on the Ranch and our fantastic assortment of amenities. 

What Makes a Successful Workcation?

Before setting off for a fantastic workcation with the family, be sure you’ve taken all the steps to ensure everyone has a great time. Set a strict schedule for yourself, which may include waking before the rest of your family so that you spend time with them earlier in the day. Once you’ve completed your work tasks or put in your allotted hours, silence all job-related notifications for the rest of the day. Ensure you have open communication with your coworkers, team lead, and clients about your workcation boundaries. Apply similar guidelines to children enrolled in distance-learning. Some benefits of embarking on a workcation include not using PTO, making money while enjoying our beautiful Oregon mountain scenery, and spending quality time with loved ones in a new and exciting location. 

Things to Do in Sisters, Oregon, at the Ranch During Winter

Reap the benefits of our rentals in Sisters, Oregon, and engage in several nearby and on-site winter activities. Black Butte Ranch is the official lodging partner for HooDoo Ski Area. Take the younger kids on an unforgettable sledding adventure, skate around their rink, or take on the snow-covered slopes. The Ranch hosts 18 miles of paved trails, perfect for walking in a winter wonderland. Otherwise, your family might enjoy cross country skiing or snowshoeing around the Big Meadow Golf Course. You can pick up any rental equipment you’ll need on-site. Treat your family to the refreshing mountain retreat of a lifetime at Black Butte Ranch.

Relaxation & Rejuvenation Await at Black Butte Ranch

Create lifelong memories on an extended workcation with loved ones in our cozy cabins this winter. Healthy and delicious meals are easy to come by at our on-site restaurants, or you can make use of your fully-equipped kitchen and whip together a delicious dish. Soothe stressed muscles and indulge in a refreshing spa treatment. Sweeten your stay with one of our exclusive specials. To learn more about our outstanding offerings, please give us a call at 866-901-2961. Gift your loved ones the getaway of a lifetime at Black Butte Ranch.