30 08, 2016

Coming in September: Tent sale, Grapes & Golf

Bargain hunters rejoice. One of Black Butte Ranch’s biggest sales of the golf season is now upon us. Held each September, the tent sale at the Big Meadow Golf Shop (Sept. 3-4, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.) and Glaze Meadow Sidewalk Sale (Sept. 2-5, 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.) always tee off a busy month by offering some of the best deals of the year. Merchandise will be discounted from 30 to 75 percent off retail prices, and even much of the newest equipment that stock the shelves of the golf shop will be discounted. “Everything is going to be on sale,” said [...]

27 08, 2016

Jeff Fought takes on Scotland

We’re following Jeff Fought, our director of golf here at Black Butte Ranch, as he and a group of friends take Scotland by storm. Check back often as Jeff shares with us the joys of playing in the cradle of golf. Days 8-9 One never knows what they will find on a Scottish golf course. Yes there is history everywhere. At Nairn Golf Club, on the coast of the North Sea, there are reminders of the 1999 Walker Cup played there. And “fine old buildings” built in 1877, constructed for the salmon fishing industry, dot the landscape. That landscape [...]

25 08, 2016

Great weather, unlimited golf make this the best time of year at Black Butte Ranch

For many, the end of August means the unofficial end of summer. A time when the days get shorter and the temperatures cool. But for golfers — especially those who truly love the fairways and greens of Central Oregon — the best part of the golf season is only now beginning. And Black Butte Ranch is making this pinnacle of the golf season even better with its special fall lodging and unlimited golf package for stays through Sept. 30. For $119 per person, per night, guests will stay in premium accommodations, receive one day of unlimited golf at both [...]

23 08, 2016

Battle at the Butte on maintenance staff’s mind

Black Butte Ranch’s championship golf courses are at their emerald-green finest, which is to be expected this time of year. For Black Butte Ranch’s maintenance staff, though, keeping Big Meadow and Glaze Meadow in peak shape can get a little, well, routine. Which is why Superintendent Phil Lagao’s eyes light up when one of Black Butte Ranch’s Signature Golf Events is approaching. For him and his crew, every golf tournament represents a chance to put the golf courses through their paces, priming each for an unforgettable golf experience. “Preparing for a golf tournament is something that is just a [...]

21 08, 2016

Early-season clinics get the season started right

The road to better golf is so often uncertain for amateur golfers. We read and watch an endless array of golf tips, we tinker with our swing, and all of us are in a constant search to find the perfect equipment that will launch our games forward. All those have a place in game improvement, no doubt. But perhaps a more trustworthy path to better golf is to seek early season help from a PGA professional. Sure, we have all heard that before. But it’s true, PGA professionals can really make a difference, particularly in the early season. And [...]

18 08, 2016

Glaze Meadow ready to tee off the 2016 season

Big Meadow will be busy this weekend playing host to the more than 350 golfers in the Central Oregon Shootout. No worries, though. Glaze Meadow is scheduled to open for the 2016 golf season on Wednesday. Glaze Meadow is ready for the season, its fifth since the $3.75 million renovation of the golf course that was completed in 2012. And early indications are that Glaze Meadow is off to its best start to a season yet. “It game out of winter great,” said Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf. “Both golf courses, Big Meadow and Glaze Meadow, [...]

18 08, 2016

GolfBoards a hit at Black Butte Ranch

GolfBoards were introduced to Black Butte Ranch just a few months ago, but they are already becoming a fixture at Big Meadow. Part golf cart, part surfboard, GolfBoards have been getting a test run at Black Butte Ranch since first being introduced to our fairways in June. But with four in our fleet, the GolfBoards have hardly had a moments rest. The GolfBoards have been such a success that Black Butte Ranch is planning on not only keeping its four for the 2017 golf season, but also expanding the fleet. “It has really been fun to see golfers gravitate [...]

15 08, 2016

Pro tip: Keeping your head down will help avoid thin shots

In your hand is a club you trust and you you have just the right yardage to paydirt. You feel solid and confident standing over the ball. Then you put what you think is the perfect swing on the ball, look up to see a great shot, then watch helplessly as the ball goes skipping down the fairway no more than an inch or two off the ground. Golf offers many frustrations, but this has to be among the most common. From bogey-making amateurs to the best golfers in the world, those thin shots that produce “wormburners” creep into [...]

10 08, 2016

Nike Golf equipment discounted at Black Butte Ranch, but not gone yet

The news last week that Nike was getting out of the golf equipment business certainly reverberated around the golf world. For those who have been sleeping, or actually going out and enjoying the gorgeous summer weather, Nike Golf will no longer manufacturer clubs, bags and balls. That doesn’t mean that Nike Golf equipment suddenly disappeared off the shelves. In fact, the swoosh is still a fairly prominent fixture at Black Butte Ranch’s two golf shops. But because of Nike Golf’s departure from the equipment-making business, Nike equipment has never been less expensive. For golf clubs, 2016 model Nike drivers [...]

5 08, 2016

Family Golf Nights at Black Butte Ranch helps everyone in the family on course

Two of the more common complaints we hear from golfers, or at least would-be golfers, is that the game takes too much time away from the family and that a round of golf is too expensive. Those are both valid concerns, of course. In fact, when looking at the national issue of how to grow the game, finding ways to make the game more affordable and take less time are often at the top of every list. Sure, the days of a dad spending the day at the country club with friends while the kids stay at home are [...]

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