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Family Golf Nights at Black Butte Ranch helps everyone in the family on course

Two of the more common complaints we hear from golfers, or at least would-be golfers, is that the game takes too much time away from the family and that a round of golf is too expensive.

Those are both valid concerns, of course. In fact, when looking at the national issue of how to grow the game, finding ways to make the game more affordable and take less time are often at the top of every list.

Sure, the days of a dad spending the day at the country club with friends while the kids stay at home are long past. But that does not mean golf is incompatible with parenthood. Given the right circumstances, golf can be a fantastic family activity shared with every member of the family.

Black Butte Ranch devised Family Golf Night for this very reason, bringing together a family of four for a round of golf for what amounts to be just $15 per golfer. After 4 p.m. every day, two adults and two children (17 and under) or three juniors and one adult can play Big Meadow for just $60. That is less than Black Butte Ranch’s prime time rate for a single golfer during the summer.

The Family Golf Night tradition has been a long one here at Black Butte Ranch, and it is also among our most special offerings.

“Easily one of my favorite parts of each day is watching families make their way out to the first tee,” said Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf. “It is truly something I look forward to every day. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I would spend entire days with my family out on the golf course. Like most every golfer, those are some of my fondest memories.”

The afternoons make for an ideal time for beginners, whether that beginner is a parent or a child. Typically less busy then the mornings, the late afternoons usually provide ample time to be patient with a young golfer just learning the game.

Family Golf Night also fosters a fun atmosphere of family-oriented golfers just like you. And with a golf course filled with other families, likely the groups ahead and behind will understand if you need an extra minute to find a wayward golf ball.

There are other good reasons to play the game with the family, too. For one, research shows that parents with children who participate and engage in golf are able to play more golf themselves. And sharing activities with the whole family is important to kids’ mental health.

Oh, and golf is a lot of fun, too.

“A joy to this job is getting to see all those young smiles out on the course,” Fought said. “I can’t think of a better way to spend time with the family then on a golf course together.”

To take advantage of the family rate book a tee time online, or call 855-210-5305 or the Golf Shop at 541-595-1545.



10/1-14  8am – Dusk
10/15-21  Closed for Aerification
10/22-End of Season Special Rates $35 green fee & $10 carts


10/1-21  8am-Dusk
10/22:  Closed for the Season

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