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GolfBoards a hit at Black Butte Ranch

GolfBoards were introduced to Black Butte Ranch just a few months ago, but they are already becoming a fixture at Big Meadow.

Part golf cart, part surfboard, GolfBoards have been getting a test run at Black Butte Ranch since first being introduced to our fairways in June. But with four in our fleet, the GolfBoards have hardly had a moments rest.

The GolfBoards have been such a success that Black Butte Ranch is planning on not only keeping its four for the 2017 golf season, but also expanding the fleet.

“It has really been fun to see golfers gravitate toward GolfBoards,” said Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf. “The trial here is over. GolfBoards will remain at Black Butte Ranch, and we are looking forward to finding new and cool ways to utilize them.”

Made by a Central Oregon-based company, GolfBoards have become one of the most talked-about golf innovations in years, promising golfers the ability to “Surf the Earth.” But until Black Butte Ranch gave GolfBoards a spin, we didn’t truly understand what the fuss was all about.

Then we saw firsthand.

Golfers can’t help but take notice of the unique contraptions. The slickly designed vehicles are unique and interesting at first glance. And though they look like something akin to an extreme sport, GolfBoards are remarkably stable and simple to operate. The combination has caused some golfers who one might not ordinarily expect to want to give GolfBoards a try.

“I have been amazed by just how many of our older golfers want to give it a try,” Fought said. “We might have a 65-year-old player jump on it in the morning, then see a 16-year-old take it out for round later that afternoon. The diversity of people interested in GolfBoards has been impressive.”

GolfBoards actually provide some improvements to the game, too, allowing for a quicker round when implemented correctly. On a GolfBoard, players have the ability to travel directly to their golf ball, much as they would if they were walking. But with a high speed that reaches nearly 10 miles per hour, GolfBoards are as swift as a conventional golf cart.

“Most of all they are a lot of fun to ride,” Fought said. “The response to GolfBoards at Black Butte Ranch has just been phenomenal”

Come give one a spin.

The cost to rent a GolfBoard is $27 for 18 holes and $17 for nine holes, in addition to the regular green fee. Advance reservation when making a tee time is highly recommended, as Black Butte Ranch has a limited number of GolfBoards.  If you are interested in reserving a golf board as part of your golf experience at Black Butte Ranch, you must first watch a training video and sign a golf board waiver.  

To take a ride on a GolfBoard, book a tee time online, call 855-210-5305, or the Golf Shop at 541-595-1545.