26 09, 2016

Black Butte Ranch season-ending celebration shotgun on tap at Glaze Meadow

This has been another wonderful golf season at Black Butte Ranch, and one that has not yet relented. But like all wonderful things, it will eventually come to an end. Glaze Meadow is scheduled to be the first of Black Butte Ranch’s two golf courses to close for the season. But before it does shut down, on Oct. 17, we want to throw one last great golf party. On Sunday, Oct. 16, Black Butte Ranch will hold a Season Finale golf tournament at Glaze Meadow to celebrate Glaze Meadow’s final day of the season. The tournament will be a [...]

26 09, 2016

Black Butte Ranch receives new shipment of GolfBoards; now has dozen in fleet

GolfBoards have already had quite a run at Black Butte Ranch in what amounts to be only a few months. It was only in late June when Black Butte Ranch’s Big Meadow got its first two GolfBoards. The idea was to give the unique skateboard/golf cart hybrid a test run, but it did not take long before we realized the appeal of the Golf Boards. As promised, Black Butte Ranch has added to its fleet, but far sooner than initially thought. In fact, Black Butte Ranch has already received shipment on 10 more GolfBoards. Now with a dozen GolfBoards [...]

26 09, 2016

Conditions report: Plenty of great golf left before winter preparation begins

The turf of Big Meadow flashed a bright green under the blue, cloudless sky. The putting surfaces were immaculate, holding each line true. Each tee box and fairway was well manicured. But the breeze was up, spreading nature’s debris around the course. And the afternoon temperatures were a touch cool, though pleasant. There in an instant to any golfer playing at Black Butte Ranch on this recent day in the middle of September was a perfectly lush golf course at Black Butte Ranch, in near-perfect condition, with just a hint of fall. It was a reminder of what is [...]

26 09, 2016

Fall Tour back at Black Butte Ranch for 37th consecutive year

Thirty-seven years is a long time by most any measure. By Central Oregon golf tournament standards, it is nearly an eternity.The Fall Tour Invitational, a season-ending pro-am with deep Black Butte Ranch roots, has been played in every year since 1980. It is back this year, slated from Sept. 26-29, again marking the unofficial end to the golf season … at least the end of the season for Oregon golf professionals and their playing partners.For Black Butte Ranch and its staff of golf professionals, the Fall Tour is a labor of love. The four-day event, which includes the traditional third [...]

13 09, 2016

Pro tip: The right practice will help improve consistency with your driver

Each year golfers scout out the latest and greatest in new driver technology. We hit a driver off the tee when the situation probably calls for more restraint. And on the driving range golfers quickly work their way through their irons in a hurried effort to get to the big dog, which they could seemingly whale away with for hours. Face it. We golfers love the long ball. The problem is that a significant number of amateur golfers are either inconsistent or outright terrible with a driver in hand. But with help of a few aids, improving your consistency [...]

9 09, 2016

Pac Am

Fall is in the air, which in Central Oregon means one thing: The Lithia Pacific Amateur Golf Classic must be around the corner. Indeed, the Pac Am will be back Sept. 19 through Sept. 22. And this year is particularly special: It is the 20th anniversary year for the annual net amateur golf championship. Black Butte Ranch’s Big Meadow is once again proud to be among the host courses. Ranked by Golfweek Magazine as among Oregon’s best golf courses, Big Meadow is a pleasure to play most any time. But during a stroke-play tournament like the Pac Am? Well, [...]

8 09, 2016

Local’s special highlights Black Butte Ranch’s amazing September

For golfers, Labor Day Weekend should not mean the end. In fact, for the savviest Central Oregon golfers, this is only the beginning of the prime golf season. The temperatures are mellowing, the kids are returning to school, the summer crowds remain only in memories, and both Big Meadow and Glaze Meadow will remain in peak condition for the weeks to come. Sounds like a great time to play golf, no? Black Butte Ranch thinks so, too. With the turn in seasons, Black Butte Ranch is offering an all-new local’s special that is valid through September: $59 walking, $69 [...]

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