Each year golfers scout out the latest and greatest in new driver technology. We hit a driver off the tee when the situation probably calls for more restraint. And on the driving range golfers quickly work their way through their irons in a hurried effort to get to the big dog, which they could seemingly whale away with for hours.

Face it. We golfers love the long ball.

The problem is that a significant number of amateur golfers are either inconsistent or outright terrible with a driver in hand. But with help of a few aids, improving your consistency with a driver is not particularly complicated, said Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf.

It starts with two alignment sticks set parallel to one another, about a foot apart. Those will mark the direction of the proper swing, of course.

Next, tee the ball up in the center of the alignment sticks to the proper height for a driver. In most cases, that should be about the point where half the ball sits above the top of a driver’s clubface at address, with the other half below.

Those who are unsure just how far the tee needs to go into the ground to get that perfect height might be well-served to use a pen to mark each tee at the proper height.

Finally, set a ball on line about 6 feet in front of the teed ball.

From there the goal becomes simple.

“I’m going to try swing that driver head right above that ball so that I am keeping myself right down the line,” Fought said.

Those aids are meant to help visualize a your proper swing path should be.

“You are always trying to catch the driver on your upswing,” Fought said. “Teeing the ball up high, and getting the ball in the right position off the toe at address is so important.”

Of course, repetition of the drill is the key to success. The more a golfer practices using the drill, the easier it will be to visualize it out on the course when those aids can’t be used.

Only then will consistency follow.

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