GolfBoards have already had quite a run at Black Butte Ranch in what amounts to be only a few months.

It was only in late June when Black Butte Ranch’s Big Meadow got its first two GolfBoards. The idea was to give the unique skateboard/golf cart hybrid a test run, but it did not take long before we realized the appeal of the Golf Boards.

As promised, Black Butte Ranch has added to its fleet, but far sooner than initially thought. In fact, Black Butte Ranch has already received shipment on 10 more GolfBoards.

Now with a dozen GolfBoards in Black Butte Ranch’s fleet, and we spread the fleet to include Glaze Meadow, which is now home to four of its own. Now GolfBoarders will have a choice to play either course.

“GolfBoards have been a tremendous success for us so for,” said Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf. “The demand from golfers who want to give one a try has surpassed our expectations. That is why we wanted to add to our fleet and give more golfers the chance to try one.”

Designed by a Central Oregon company, GolfBoards have become one of the most talked-about golf innovations in years, spreading to courses throughout the world. The slickly designed vehicles can’t help but garner attention, and have been tried at Black Butte Ranch by both young and the young at heart.

In addition, GolfBoards help facilitate quicker rounds by giving players the best of both worlds. GolfBoards give golfers the ability to travel directly to the golf ball, much as they would if they were walking, but at the speed of a conventional golf cart.

“GolfBoards are really cool, and judging by the response, a good portion of Black Butte Ranch’s golfers agree,” Fought said.

Come give one a try before the golf season ends.

The cost to rent a GolfBoard is $27 for 18 holes and $17 for nine holes, in addition to the regular green fee. Advance reservation when making a tee time is highly recommended, as Black Butte Ranch has a limited number of GolfBoards.  If you are interested in reserving a golf board as part of your golf experience at Black Butte Ranch, you must first watch a training video and sign a golf board waiver.  

To take a ride on a GolfBoard, book a tee time online, call 855-210-5305, or the Golf Shop at 541-595-1545.