If you’ve never stayed at a working ranch, you’re in for quite a treat when you stay at Black Butte Ranch. When you stay with us, you’re treating yourself to gorgeous, Oregon scenery and exciting Black Butte activities like our horseback riding service. Horseback riding in Oregon has never been more attainable. Besides, what better way to bask in the natural beauty of our grandiose mountains, lush forests, and peaceful meadows than from the vantage point of a majestic horse. 

Why Book with Our Horseback Riding Service

The experts at Black Butte Stables have been guiding people through the vast Deschutes County countryside for decades. Their knowledge of the land and dedication to ensuring your satisfaction with our horseback riding tour in Oregon have been huge factors of their success. Plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re easily accessible from your Oregon vacation rental.

The Perfect Outing for All Ages & Expertise

You don’t have to be a seasoned equestrian to ride with Black Butte stables. Their accessible horseback riding service features tours for all ages and skill levels. The “Little Buckaroo Ride,” for instance, caters to young children (3-6) and calls for parents to share in their (possibly first ever) equine experience. If you’re not sure how long you can manage on horseback or entirely new to the experience, you can choose from two of their intermediate rides that only last around two hours. Or, if you’re well-acquainted with our equine friends, venture into the advanced rider options and spend an entire day meandering through the stunning Deschutes County, Oregon, scenery. These all-day tours are perfect for a family reunion or group-building activities. Are you ready to envelop yourself in nature and experience outstanding Cascade views?

What You Need to Do to Ride

This part is actually quite simple. We ask that you wear long pants and sturdy boots or shoes. We provide the riding helmet. You may want to make sure you’ve eaten a decent meal and are well hydrated before going. Even though lunch is provided for the day-long rides, you’ll want to be fully charged before your equine escapade. 

Take Advantage of Your Oregon Vacation Rental

When it comes to Black Butte Ranch, we want you to live your life to the absolute fullest. Take advantage of all the marvelous outdoor activities and foster fun memories that will last a lifetime. Our on-site horseback riding service is a Black Butte activity you won’t want to miss. If you have questions regarding our Oregon horseback riding tours, please give us a call at (866) 901-2961. We’re happy to help.