Black Butte Ranch’s SNAG golf a fun way to introduce the game to kids

Introducing a child to golf can be a little daunting for a parent.

If a kid has fun while learning the game, they will have been given one of the few games that will truly last them a lifetime. Make the introduction to golf too challenging, and many young children will be turned off.

This is specifically why Black Butte Ranch has decided to offer SNAG Golf (Starting New at Golf) to children age 6 or older.

What is SNAG Golf? Well, it’s an awfully fun way to learn the game.

Using modified equipment designed to make the game simpler, SNAG makes golf more user friendly. No tiny white golf balls. No expensive equipment. Just a fun game that anyone would enjoy.

“This is easier to do,” says Jeff Fought, the director of golf at Black Butte Ranch. “It’s easier with the bigger plastic balls, which are more like a tennis ball, and the bigger club heads. It’s easier to do and feel accomplishment.”

And feeling accomplishment early can be critical in developing a golfer.

“Traditional golf when you’re a kid can be a little more challenging,” Fought adds. “This way I think hooks kids on the game quicker.”

Of course, SNAG would not be effective if the skills learned with the modified equipment did not translate one day to the golf course.

SNAG is designed to develop the fundamentals of the whole range of strokes and swings, including putting, chipping, pitching and full swing. It is why the The First Tee’s National School Program.

No less a legend than Jack Nicklaus has recommended SNAG as a fun way to introduce young beginners to the game.

“When a child reaches 8, 9 or 10 they’ve chosen their sports,” Nicklaus says. “With SNAG we can reach them early.”

The Black Butte Ranch recreational staff conduct SNAG clinics every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. at the Lakeside Activity Center. Children must be age 6 or older. The cost is $15 per session.

To sign up, drop by the Lakeside Activity Center or call 541-595-1282.


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