Golf has long been a bonding experience between parents and children, passed for generations from father to son and mother to daughter. Maybe it is the way golf can be played for a lifetime, fostering years of experiences to savor. Perhaps it is the joy that is felt by sharing a game both a parent and child love, even long after that child has grown into an adult.

Whatever it is about golf, there just is something about the shared experiences that brings us closer together. And more than that, recent research suggests that parents and children forge strong bonds through learning together.

Black Butte Ranch long ago created our Adult/Child Three-Day Golf School with all this in mind.

Every year the Adult/Child Three-Day Golf School is among our most popular offerings, says George Mack Jr., Black Butte Ranch’s longtime director of instruction who has taught the class for nearly 15 years. And what is it that keeps the school coming back year after year?

“It’s a lot of fun and you get to improve your golf game,” Mack says.

Simple enough.

The first of of three three-day clinics begins on Tuesday, Aug. 4 (Dates for the clinics are Aug. 4-6, Aug. 11-13, and Aug. 18-20). From 9-11 a.m. each day one parent and one child will learn the fundamentals of the game together.

But this is more than lessons for beginners. Mack says the school is designed for golfers of all skill levels.

After all, sharpening golf skills together is the entire point of the school.

“I think it is great for bonding between the parent and the child,” Mack says. “You both get to enjoy golf, and that’s the important part. And they can learn how to help each other on the golf course.”

In other words, the Adult/Child Golf School is not your average golf lesson.

The cost to attend the clinic is $350 for one parent and one child. Each additional child is $150. Every attendee will also receive lunch and a free round of golf at either Big Meadow or Glaze Meadow at the conclusion of the golf school.

For more information on how to register for the Adult/Child Three-Day Golf School or to take a lesson from any of our Black Butte Ranch instructors, visit our lessons page or call 541-595-1294 to sign up. The link also includes a calendar of Black Butte Ranch’s golf schools, clinics and camps.