Typically, not much in golf can be accomplished in two minutes.

Sure, a golfer can take a couple practice putts before teeing off. Two minutes is probably enough to order a hot dog at the turn. Or perhaps two minutes is all a golfer needs to make a bad decision that will lead to the first snowman of a given round.

Certainly two minutes is not enough time to actually diagnose and fix a swing flaw, right?

George Mack Jr., Black Butte Ranch’s director of instruction, disagrees. In fact, he thinks attentive golfers might actually be able to fix a slice in that tiny sliver of time if they know what they are doing.

The first thing to recognize that there are only two primary causes for a slice, Mack says. The first is that the club face flies open at impact. The second, is that a golfer’s swing path goes across the ball (for right handers that means a path that goes from outside the ball and to the left), which increases the sidespin that exaggerates any misses to the right.

“The first correction is to square up the clubface,” Mack recommends.

To do that slicers should adjust their grip to “a very strong, or hooking, grip,” by turning the top hand (the left hand for right-handed golfers) to the right.

If the slice persists then golfers can square the face by improving the rotation of their forearms.

“My right arm needs to cross over my left as I am going through the hitting area,” Mack says.

Once the clubface is square, many golfers still need to find the proper swing path. Mack suggests setting up two alignment sticks (or golf clubs, if no alignment sticks are available): 1 set at 12 o’clock for stance and another set at 1 o’clock to guide the swing path.

Golfers should then practice swing along the 1 o’clock path through contact with the ball.

“This will help you create the inside-out motion,” Mack says. “With the strong grip and the rotate forearms, your slice should disappear.”

Sounds easy enough.

Still need help?

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