The John Fought redesign of Black Butte Ranch’s Glaze Meadow, which opened in 2012, has certainly been well received.

The praise comes for myriad reasons, including improved playability and better consistency throughout Glaze Meadow’s 18 holes. That is great for golfers. But perhaps the underrated improvement of the redesign is the aesthetic enhancements, particularly to Glaze Meadow’s opening five holes.

Once choked off from an overgrowth of ponderosa pines, the meadow from which the golf course’s name is derived, has been opened up. That has improved the meadow’s health over the years, and made the opening holes spectacularly beautiful.

And if you want to see Glaze Meadow at its absolute most beautiful, though, now is the time.

Why now?

It comes from a flowering perennial named lupine. When lupine, which grows naturally around Glaze Meadow, blooms it gives off a gorgeous deep purple.

First seen through the opening behind the first green (see image directly below), lupine dots Glaze Meadow’s first five holes. The result is an an attention-grabbing contrast between the lush green of the course’s turf, the glistening pond, the blue sky and the purple of the lupine.

Behind the third green …

And just off the fourth tee …

… lupine is dotting Glaze Meadow’s landscape in the native areas that have been brought to the fore after the renovation. Not a bad renovation when the result is a wonderfully playable layout with AND healthier, more scenic landscape.

The only bad news is that the blooming lupine will not be around for long. That deep purple typically only lasts for a few weeks.

Oh, and the playing conditions at Glaze Meadow are nearly perfect right now. Don’t miss the most beautiful time of the year.

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