Sisters Oregon lodgingThe night sky has always dazzled and amazed people since the first time we looked up and saw shimmering stars dotting the deep blue beyond. Full of mystery and millions of miles of open space, it is hard not to get caught up in a clear sky at midnight. Our Sisters Oregon lodging at Black Butte Ranch is located nearby some of the best places for stargazing for an evening of whimsical adventure.

Embark On A Starlit Excursion

If you love an exciting excursion and don’t mind nature at night, Wanderlust Tours in Bend Oregon has several incredible midnight tour opportunities. When the moon shines off the bright snow, take a moonlight and starlight snowshoe tour. Hike through the snow with a guide with world-renowned naturalists that can point out extraordinary features of the sparkling skies above. For those that enjoy being on the water, set out on a summer starlight canoe tour. Float over the waves as they reflect the illuminated moon and discover a whole new view of the stars in the Cascades. The other starlight tours that are offered through Wanderlust Tours are photography tours. Capture spectacular images of star trails, the Milky Way, and interesting nature shots with midnight exposure while being guided by a professional photographer that can help you snap the best shots.

Sisters Oregon lodgingA Closer Look

Gazing into the night sky while out and about can be a marvelous experience; however, there are a few places near our Sisters Oregon lodging that allow you to get an even closer look. Without going into space, the closest we can get to the stars is through the lens of a telescope. In downtown Bend, Worthy Brewing Co. has a “Hopservatory” attached to the brewery so that guests can gaze in bewilderment at the contents of our universe. If you don’t mind a bit of a drive, the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver offers tours and access to their telescopes with educational opportunities to learn about what you see.

Don’t Miss It

Though tours and telescopes are fantastic ways to see the night sky, a simple bonfire here at Black Butte Ranch offers marvelous views of the night sky. Perched in the Cascades, our Sisters Oregon lodging is away from city lights that dull the shining stars, so you can often get a good look at the sky as it’s blanketed in stars. You can check meteor shower calendars to see if there are chances of watching bright streaks of light zip past. Just be sure that when you stay with us at Black Butte Ranch, don’t forget to look up. You don’t want to miss it.