Golfers can be a fickle sort. We want our our greens to roll at just the right speed, our golf balls at just the right compression, and our clubs to be custom fit.

Any deviation from just right can inexplicably send our game south.

Like the circumstances that get us in the right frame of mind for a perfect round, every now and again Black Butte Ranch gets a narrow window of golf perfection that will make any round perfectly pleasant.

One of those rare moments of confluence is upon us this weekend, and any golfer hoping to extend the season should take advantage. What’s on tap?

  • Great weather with highs in the 70s? Check.

  • Fall rates that represent the best prices of year? That helps, too.

  • Putting surfaces that remain pristine ahead of fall aerification? Definitely.

  • Amazing views of the Cascade Peaks after a recent dusting of snow? Why not.

By any measure, those are pretty great conditions for golf.

Start with the weather, where the forecast on Saturday and Sunday calls for highs at Black Butte Ranch to touch the low 70s (above average for this time of year) and the skies to shine clear blue.

Not bad weather, especially considering that Black Butte Ranch just lowered its rates for the rest of the season. Prime time rates at both Black Butte Ranch golf courses are now $54, which is $25 off peak rates. After 1 p.m., which could be the ideal time to play this time of year, the rate drops to just $49.

Black Butte Ranch’s conditioning makes that a particularly good deal. Big Meadow will not be aerified until Oct. 10, which will will close the course for a week. Then Big Meadow will reopen on Monday, Oct. 17, the same day Glaze Meadow is scheduled to close for the season. The greens at Glaze Meadow will be aerified only after the course closes. That means the putting surfaces at both courses will remain in summer condition into next week.

Oh, and after the Cascade Range received a light dusting of snow this week, the snowcapped views from Black Butte Ranch are pretty incredible.

Add it all up and this weekend could be a perfect storm of sorts for near-perfect golf.

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