horse back riding oregonHorseback riding is a staple of the great west as well as a still widespread hobby amongst people across the globe. Black Butte Ranch offers this incredible experience of horse back riding Oregon as an activity at their property. Find yourself in the saddle and experience an age-old tradition of riding along the trails.

Finding The Right Trail

At Black Butte, they are no stranger to having a variety of riding levels coming to visit. From green riders just starting out, to those who cut their teeth in the saddle and rode before they could walk. There are different trails available to fit each rider and their level of experience.

horse back riding oregonThe green riders will take an easy going route through the country on the Big Loop Ride that lasts roughly an hour. An intermediate rider will be able to handle being in the saddle a little longer for the 5.5-mile trip on Gobblers Knob or the 7-mile ride on Hole In the Wall Gang. The experienced rider who is not shy of spending a good chunk of time in the saddle will enjoy the challenging half day ride on Reata Trail.

Depending on the experience of the rider, an all-day ride with the Black Butte Posse will take you on a challenging group ride. Head through the Three Sisters Wilderness or Deschutes National Forest.

Experience Oregon From The Saddle

To experience the incredible terrains of Oregon from the saddle of a horse is an adventure you will never forget. Listen to the hooves hitting the ground as you plod through the trails and soak in the astonishing natural beauty of the area. Black Butte Ranch allows you to take part in horse back riding Oregon and make memories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready to saddle up with Black Butte Ranch? The west is waiting! Give them a call at (866) 901-2961 and pack your boots for an unforgettable excursion to Black Butte Ranch.