They might not have not been around long, but already GolfBoards have already become a household name. Made by a Central Oregon-based company, GolfBoards have become one of the most talked-about golf innovations in years, promising golfers the ability to “Surf the Earth.”

Now Black Butte Ranch has joined the handful of golf courses around the world that already offer GolfBoards. Beginning this week, Black Butte Ranch will offer a limited number of GolfBoards for rent to its golfers.

This is an exciting development for Black Butte Ranch.

“We are truly excited to be able to offer GolfBoards to our players,” said Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf. “There has been much enthusiasm surrounding GolfBoards, and we are thrilled that we will be able to take part, too.”

Seeing the GolfBoards for the first time is typically cause for a double-take. The slickly designed vehicles — in reality a hybrid of a golf cart and surfboard — are unique and interesting at first glance. And riding one is even more interesting.

There is more to GolfBoards than just good looks, though. GolfBoards actually provide some improvements to the traditional game of golf that we all love so much.

For one, a round of golf played on a GolfBoard can often be played more quickly than either walking or using a golf cart. In fact, the average round played on a GolfBoard was just 2 hours, 37 minutes, outpacing walkers and golf cart riders, according to research by Today’s Golfer magazine in the United Kingdom.

On a GolfBoard, players have the ability to travel directly to their golf ball, much as they would if they were walking. But with a high speed that reaches nearly 10 miles per hour, GolfBoards are as swift as a conventional golf cart.

“GolfBoards represent a bit of the best from both worlds for golfers,” Fought said. “The ease of traveling around the golf course is very much like riding in a golf cart. But because you don’t have to share a GolfBoard, golfers move through the course at a quicker pace, usually without ever noticing the faster pace.

“Most of all, though, riding a GolfBoard is a lot of fun. And that is what will keep golfers coming back to ride the GolfBoards.”

Contrary to what some believe, GolfBoards are actually quite easy to use. Though they look like something akin to an extreme sport, GolfBoards are remarkably stable and simple to operate.

That means that GolfBoards aren’t just for the younger crowds.

But don’t just take our word for it. Come out to Big Meadow and give a GolfBoard a try.

The cost to rent a GolfBoard is $27 for 18 holes and $17 for nine holes, in addition to the regular green fee. Advance reservation when making a tee time is highly recommended, as Black Butte Ranch has a limited number of GolfBoards.  If you are interested in reserving a golf board as part of your golf experience at Black Butte Ranch, you must first watch a training video and sign a golf board waiver.  

To take a ride on a GolfBoard, book a tee time online, call 855-210-5305, or the Golf Shop at 541-595-1545.

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