Golf the perfect family sport

Ask any expert on golf and inevitably he or she will say the game needs to better attract every member of the family.

It seems every organization involved with golf — from the PGA of America to major media outlets and golf course architects — is looking for ways to get families more involved in this great game.

It should not be such a tough sell. Golf is a wonderful sport that is meant to be shared. And who better to share the game with than those whom you love the most?

For those who grow up around the game, there are few sweeter childhood memories than those warm summer afternoons spent with mom or dad trying to conquer a golf course together. And golf is a unique game for families because it offers something few other sports can: a system that ensures that every golfer can compete on an even playing field.

Handicaps allow kids to compete with dads and husbands to square off against wives no matter the skill level, “because you can always have a fair competition in golf,” wrote the PGA. “And there’s nothing like beating your dad at something that gives you both a BIG smile.”

We at Black Butte Ranch agree and we want to do our part to help families get more involved in the game. How do we do it? By making golf more affordable for the whole family and by offering clinics to help young golfers improve.

Every day after 4 p.m. an entire family of four (including at least two children age 17 or younger) can play Big Meadow for just $60. Junior golfers also get a break individually, too. Golfers age 17 or younger can play Big Meadow after 1:30 p.m. for just $25 and after 4 p.m. for just $15.

Black Butte Ranch has offered the family-friendly rates for years, and they have proved popular for families visiting the resort.

“People love it,” says Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s PGA director of golf. “Families who stay here at the resort will bring in their kids almost every evening to play a round. It’s pretty remarkable to see.”

And of course, Black Butte Ranch’s staff of golf professionals have all kinds of programs to help young golfers become better players. For more information on how to take a lesson from Jeff or any of our Black Butte Ranch instructors, visit our lessons page. The link also includes a calendar of Black Butte Ranch’s golf schools, clinics and camps.

Book a tee time online, or call 855-210-5305 or the Golf Shop at 541-595-1545.


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