Black Butte Ranch Signature Golf School scheduled for June 24-25

To play golf is to want to improve. Whether you are among the greatest in the game or just picking up a club for the first time, the will to get better is universal.

Despite all that desire, game improvement can prove elusive, especially for those of us with jobs, children, or any of the other day-to-day responsibilities that keep us from otherwise devoting our time to sharpening golf skills. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts. The key to shaving strokes is professional instruction, hard work, and repetition.

To truly improve, an everyday golfer — the ones who squeeze a bucket of balls in between work and dinner or who play a round only when life allows — must figure out a way to create that necessary repetition.

Black Butte Ranch created its ever-popular Signature Golf School with these golfers in mind. A program 30 years in the making, the Signature Golf School is a favorite among Black Butte Ranch golfers and is among the finest such schools in the Pacific Northwest. It spurs rapid improvement by devoting two days with professionally led golf instruction.

The results are often dramatic.

“We devote three straight hours of instruction each day and on every facet of the game,” said Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf. “That repetition is the very best way to learn the game, and for most players, the best chance they will have to quickly improve.”

The next golf school is scheduled for June 24-25. Or if those dates don’t work, put together a group that includes four golfers and Black Butte Ranch will customize a Signature Golf School just for your group.

Students meet each morning at 8:15 a.m. at Robert’s Pub to enjoy a continental breakfast. At 9 a.m., class begins. The atmosphere is relaxed and the instruction personalized, and lessons include work on every part of the game: full swing, chipping, pitching, putting, and sand play. Video swing analysis is an important aspect the school, too.

The school also includes a nine-hole playing lesson accompanied by an instructor, who will help apply the fundamentals of the game to a real-world round of golf as well as working on rules and game management. To help a golfer reinforce all he or she has learned, the Schools include unlimited use of Black Butte Ranch’s golf facilities while the golf school is in session.

“The Signature Golf School is meant to be immersive, which is why it is effective,” Fought said. “Instead of taking an hour lesson and then regressing by not reinforcing it with practice, Signature Golf School students remain focused through two days. And the positive results are often immediate.”

The cost to attend is $499 per student. For more information on the school, visit us online. To register, call us at 541-595-1545.