Big Meadow is finally back to being whole.

The 13th green, which was reseeded earlier this year to repair damaged turf from last season, opened to golfers on Wednesday for the first time this year. Previously, Big Meadow golfers were forced to play to a temporary green on the par 3.

So how does the green look? Well, if you did not know better it you might think that the 13th never had an issue at all.

Jeff Fought, Black Butte Ranch’s director of golf took his first view on Wednesday morning. His reaction told the story.

“Oh my gosh, that looks great,” Fought said as he toured the green. “People will be very happy with the way this looks.”

Fought isn’t just heaping praise on his golf course. The 13th green is nearly a new putting surface.

Take a look for yourself. Here are views of the 13th green taken on Wednesday morning as Fought put the green through its paces.

Golfers who do play in the next few days may notice that the green is a touch slower than is optimal. That is to be expected on a newly reseeded surface because of all the new grass, said superintendent Phil Lagao. It is also expected to be short lived.

Lagao and his staff will continue a program of double verticutting and rolling through the weekend as they work on lowering the green heights. And most golfers will likely not notice any slowness at all.

“It looks really good right now,” Lagao said.

Good news for golfers who are ready to play ALL of Big Meadow.

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