15 02, 2018

Saddle Up At Black Butte Ranch

Horseback riding is a staple of the great west as well as a still widespread hobby amongst people across the globe. Black Butte Ranch offers this incredible experience of horse back riding Oregon as an activity at their property. Find yourself in the saddle and experience an age-old tradition of riding along the trails. Finding The Right Trail At Black Butte, they are no stranger to having a variety of riding levels coming to visit. From green riders just starting out, to those who cut their teeth in the saddle and rode before they could walk. There are different [...]

13 02, 2018

Black Butte Ranch ready for early start to 2018 golf season

Scheduled to open on Feb. 16, Big Meadow to enjoy one of its earliest opening dates in recent memory The sound of lawnmowers emanating from the fairways of Big Meadow might be enough for a double-take so early in February. Yet sure as the sun rises in the blue skies of Central Oregon, that unmistakable sound can now be heard at Black Butte Ranch. This can mean only one thing to a golfer — golf season is about to tee off. On Friday, Feb. 16, Black Butte Ranch is scheduled to open the front nine holes at Big Meadow. [...]

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