30 08, 2017

Labor Day Weekend is a great time to load up on new equipment and gear at Black Butte Ranch

Finding the very best deal on golf equipment and gear can be like a sport in and of itself for golfers. The time of year can matter. Some swear the best deals come in spring. Others load up before the holidays. One time of year that is mentioned in just about any column on the topic is near the end of the golf season. Black Butte Ranch is no exception. Each year, the Big Meadow Golf Shop holds a tent sale over Labor Day weekend that represents some of our best deals of the golf season. The sale is [...]

24 08, 2017

Oregon Four-Ball another chance for Black Butte Ranch to support amateur golf

A year after Oregon Amateur Championship, the OGA returns to Black Butte Ranch   One of Black Butte Ranch’s unquestionable missions is to support amateur golf. We do this in all kinds of ways, from our junior golf programs to our own, fun, unique signature golf events. But one of the most noticeable methods is as a host to the state and regional championships of both the Oregon Golf Association. A year after Glaze Meadow hosted the prestigious 107th Oregon Amateur Championship, Big Meadow will take center stage Saturday through Tuesday as it hosts the Oregon Golf Association Oregon [...]

24 08, 2017

The pinnacle of the golf season just ahead at Black Butte Ranch

Unlimited golf rates, special golf packages, perfect weather, and golf conditions mark the months to come   The winding down of summer can feel cruel for some. But not for the savviest of Central Oregon golfers. In fact, if the the peak of the golf season at Black Butte Ranch is July and early August, call the months that follow the golf season’s pinnacle. What is so special about this time of year? Gorgeous weather that tops out in the 70s? Check. Two championship golf courses in peak condition with emerald green turf inviting golfers from everywhere? Relatively light [...]

15 08, 2017

All About You At Our Mountain Resort In Oregon

Do things a little different on this year's vacation. Get away with just you at a mountain resort in Oregon. Take a break and treat yourself to relaxation and do the things you want to do. At Black Butte Ranch, we offer fantastic amenities, in the best location, to get away and refresh from the hustle and bustle of life. Don’t worry about planning anything just take your vacation day by day. Take A Break Time to put yourself in a time out and take the time for you and you alone. Spend the morning in bed and watch a [...]

10 08, 2017

Black Butte Invitational the start of a new, old tradition

New tournament tees off on August 18, and combines the best of some of Black Butte Ranch’s most long-standing tournaments There is no better new tradition than an old tradition. That might seem like a contradiction, but it’s exactly the foundation for the inaugural Black Butte Invitational, which is scheduled for Aug. 18-20. Among Black Butte Ranch’s Signature Golf Events, the Black Butte Invitational was designed to be team-oriented with fun formats. This idea is hardly a new one. It was the same premise that made The Homeowner Guest Classic Invitational one of Black Butte Ranch’s most longstanding traditions. [...]

5 08, 2017

Five reasons why golf is ideal for families

By this time in the summer, parents are searching high and low for fun, healthy activities for their children. Those activities are even better if they can be shared with the entire family. With understandably tight budgets, golf can mistakenly be discarded as one of those activities. But Black Butte Ranch has always wanted to make the game accessible for families. In fact, it’s with families in mind that Black Butte Ranch was ever created. For this reason, Black Butte Ranch offers a Family Golf Rate: Two junior golfers and two adults can play together everyday at Big Meadow [...]

1 08, 2017

Coming in August: With Adult/Child Golf School, Black Butte Invitational, August a time to bond

Golf can be the most solitary of games, often played as much between the ears as on the course. But golf is also typically best shared, making the game a paradox of sorts. Those who prefer their golf with a little companionship will be in luck in August at Black Butte Ranch, which will host a slew of golf events and learning programs in the month ahead that double as special bonding opportunities. This includes Black Butte Ranch’s Adult/Child Three-Day Golf Schools, which are open to golfers of all abilities and are designed for a young golfer to share [...]

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